uMayor: A citizen app for urban innovation

uMayor is a web and mobile crowd-sensing project that provides citizens the opportunity to improve their own living environment by pointing out urban inefficiencies to the appropriate public offices in an easy, immediate way.

The main goal of uMayor is to simplify the means of reporting and sharing social issues by streamlining the long chain of email addresses and social media channels provided by government agencies – that often deter people from submitting comments – into just one click. This community-based cooperation system offers a new approach to e-governance and the monitoring of public facilities, effectively involving every citizen as an actor in city life and an active supporter of the collective whole.

uMayor represents a new participatory strategy of public management by providing a new open-data structure in the form of an extensive cloud-based geo-database that is real-time updated. The data collected by uMayor is highly useful for complex planning and urban-design analysis, which makes every citizen a sort of “Civic Defender 2.0”.

uMAYOR was selected among the 16 finalists at the Social Innovation Tournament
established by the EIB Institute, Budapest '13
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